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Our heart calling at Yoga del Mar is to build a community, to bring people together, to share and connect and to live in harmony with one another. This is why we regularly organize workshops and events at Yoga del Mar. Find our current highlights here:


As a Yoga studio located right y the sea, we care about the well-being of the island and the ocean. That's why we collaborate with the Cleanwave Foundation, an organization that works to reduce plastic on the island and has installed filtration stations in various locations. In addition, Cleanwave organizes educational programs, social weekends and activities for children from difficult backgrounds to bring some magic into their lives. At Yoga del Mar Studio, we have installed a filtration system where you can fill up your water bottle with fresh water. We regularly organize fundraising Yoga classes and events on a donation basis to support the Cleanwave movement.

In our Shop you can purchase a Cleanwave box, the proceeds go to Pan del Mar, who in turn bake breads for families in need. Thus, you are supporting the chain of giving.

"Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.“


The Aroma Yoga & Meditation class is accompanied by essential oils, which are especially designed for the Yoga and Meditation practice. The unique blends of oils have an uplifting, grounding and relaxing effect on the body, mind and nervous system. They support the holistic experience of the yoga practice, as the oils intensify the benefits of the Yoga Asanas. Enjoy an experience for all senses.

You can book an Aroma Touch Massage (by Nadine) after the Session, for a special offer of 50€ (60min).

Pre-Booking is required (

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We offer daily Yoga classes in our beautiful studio in Portixol and also outdoors.

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